My Favorite Climbing Videos

Todays post will be a bit different.  The internet is clogged with ‘blog’ sites that share other people’s work, getting views off the backs of hard working people creating their own content.  I prefer to add content rather than be a content aggregator, but I’m breaking my own rule here to share some really amazing climbing short films that I’ve been re-watching over and over.

Climbing is DEEPLY personal, and though it is easy to share experiences it is difficult to have the same experience.  Everyone interprets the challenges and excitement on their own terms with their own filter,but elements of a day out can resonate with anyone whose tied in to top rope in a gym at some level.

To make things simple I’ll add a video for each style, as we like to put ourselves in ‘boxes’ in society.  I will add that whether the move is above a pad, a bolt or a cam it is a move – if you enjoy climbing movement, it is worth appreciating and exploring what other styles have to offer.  We all have our preferences but we are all climbers too.

Bouldering – Story of Two Worlds Low with Dai Koyamada

This is a bit longer clip (almost 18 minutes) but has the full gamut of emotion – puzzling, deflating, engaging and even a bit emotional.  Hard to imagine all this from a ~15 foot tall boulder, but in the zen garden even a bonsai tree holds a story of generations.  His discipline, the fact that he’s been leading the front of modern bouldering for 10 years, his stoic demeanor and harsh eyes… it’s a mesmorizing film if you are a junkie for climbing flicks.

Sport Climbing – La Reina Mora with Alizée Dufraisse

Sport climbing is about overcoming failure and discipline seeing you through a project.  Seeing such a powerful, dedicated climber throw herself over and over at a climb at the very top end of physical possibility is inspiring and we can all resonate with the ‘complete-ness’ of having clipped the chains on top.  All that work, all that effort and heart break, for a short moment on top when the work is done and the next project takes it’s place.  The elation is short-lived, the search for the next moment of ennui that much more difficult… yet it is still there and very real.

Trad Climbing – West Face of the Leaning Tower with Katie Brown and Lynn Hill

This is a classic back-and-forth between new school and old school.  Katie’s youthful energy and talent are in stark contrast to the measured and methodical approach by Lynne.  Lynne Hill, likely the best American climber to have ever touched rock, is seen as calm and collected, measuring her immense experience and considerable skill with the realities of the challenge ahead.  Katie seems very badly to want the climb, like Alizée and Dai searching for that summit. Lynne has had her summits, and there will be many more.  Hers is a lifetime of commitment, not a fleeting blip in a short life.  I strive to live like Lynne and climb like Katie.

So there you have it.  Hopefully this is a good break for a lame Monday.  I hope to see you all out there!

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